Untitled Art Fair / Miami

Miami 2015

untitled art fair

solo booth / inga gallery

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Solo Exhibition with Inga Gallery at the Untitled Art Fair for Art Basel Week, Miami, 2015

press release

Inga Gallery presents Ali Silverstein's large-scale, sculptural constructions of cut, hung, painted, and layered canvas at UNTITLED during Art Basel Miami Beach week 2015.

Silverstein’s process is guided by “whatever feels necessary”: massive sheets of canvas are painted, cut, dragged, pinned, stained, crawled over, glued, layered, and painted again. Silverstein's preference for on-the-spot responsiveness rather than preconception, improvisational "allowing," over planned composition, and primitive expression over slick industrial production, recall the philosophical spirit of abstract expressionism and action painting.

The works are titled with the date of their completion, emphasizing what the critic Harold Rosenberg said of abstract expressionism -- that "what was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event". The making of these works is not a process separate from life, but a "happening" of life itself.

From the stacked puddles of translucent color that transformed into portraits in previous work, to the hung fringes or collaged canvas shapes in more recent pieces, layering has always been at the core of Silverstein's language. Left to hang and move, the canvas (whose materiality is celebrated rather than hidden), breaks open the surface of the picture plane to create real, rather than illusionistic depth. Hints of landscape, layers of skin, and shapes of color collide in a play of concealment and revelation to create not mere landscape, but inner-scape, or culture-scape – where the inner meets the outer.