LA's Fine: The Sun Shines All The Time

La’s fine: the sun shines all the time

inga gallery, tel aviv

Inga Gallery is delighted to present “LA’s Fine: The Sun Shines Most of the Time,” a an exhibition of the new works of Ali Silverstein.  For her inaugural show at the gallery, Silverstein will present large scale “scapes” -- constructions of painted canvas layered with thread or glue – inspired by and created since her recent move to Los Angeles.

Named after streets in LA, these works do not represent physical “reality”  -- none depict a particular place or street -- but rather each work, and the collective gathering of works, are abstractions – crystallized echoes of, say, a drive through the city. They reduce the multiplicity of sense impressions to afterburns in the retina or the memory. At 50mph, tops of palm trees blend with painted signs.  Fragments and fugues of scallops and fringe, pieces of mountain range and architectural curve, repeat throughout the works, a lexicon of forms abstracted and recontextualized not as mere landscape, but as inner-scape, or cultural-scape – where the inner meets the outer.

Like slices taken out of the first act of a romance with her new city, we see, or feel, in these reinvented compositions, two sides of the city: the vibrant cacophony of abutting cultures and untamed sprawl, and, in bleached stains and minimalist abstraction, the search for purity, renewal, and spiritual awaking at the edge of The West.  

Rough-hewn yet poised, there is a feeling of necessity in the making of Silverstein’s work – an edgy immediacy in its construction.  The works themselves suggest an endlessness of options.  Like a Polaroid, they seem to say, I am only a moment.  We have only happened to stop here.  There are a multitude of other options, and a continuous becoming.  In order to cope, Silverstein works quickly, with urgency, endeavoring to be the servant of impulse.